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one 10am Introduction to basics Presentation + Practical session Camera Basics, Aperture, shutter speed ISO etc. 3 hrs +optional Q&A critique session Shoot  on your own based on the guidelines
2 one 2pm Light and Exposure Presentation + Practical session+critique Understand Quality of light along with your camera's metering 3 hrs -
3 two 10am Composition Presentation + outdoor Practical session +critique Rules and important tips. Learn to see and compose better. 3 hrs Shoot abstracts on your own
4 two 2pm Digital workflow Live demonstration How to get the best out of your Raw files. 3 hrs -
5 three 10am Studio lighting Live demonstration of studio lighting using different Light modifiers Types of Lighting and significance 3 Hrs -
6 three 2pm Studio lighting Practical session- Apply what you learned  in the previous session on a live subject Hands on experience with strobes 3 Hrs Shoot a subject in artificial controlled light
7 four 7 am Photo walk Outdoor Practical session Apply the learning practically 3 Hrs Shoot on a self submitted topic
8 four 10 am Portraiture Outdoor Practical session Apply the learning practically 3 Hrs -
9 five 10 am Digital enhancement Basics of Photoshop Demonstration 3 Hrs Retouch /enhance one of your own photos
10 five 2 pm Flash and Low light Creative use of low light and on/ off camera flash indoors & outdoors Demonstration 3 Hrs work on a series of pictures. Photo essay
11 six   Studio practical Revise your skills practically Practical 3 Hrs -
12 six   Pro Model Shoot Practical Independently shoot a professional model with makeup/styling Depends on the number of participants -



Photography workshop conducted by Munish Khanna that covers the following:
All Technical aspects of Photography -Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, lenses etc.
Understanding your camera and controls- get the best out of it.
Understanding Light and Exposure
Formulas that work
Important tips and guidelines
Analysis of your personal work - your strengths and weaknesses
Munish Khanna's work will be shared
Q & A Session

Based on the overall interest of the participants, the contents may be altered slightly for best results.

Level of workshop - Basics


Q and A

What if I am unable to attend a particular class?

At our sole discretion, we may allow you to attend the same class as and when it happens in the future. As the topics are not really interrelated, it will not effect the understanding of the next class.

Is it a practical or a theoretical course?

Its the right combination of both with more emphasis on Practical training.

Do I need a camera before starting the course?

Its good to have your own camera but if you do not have one as yet, you may discuss the best options with us before buying one.

If the time of the class does not suite me, can I come at a different time?

No, that's not possible.

Can i come for a trial class?

No, we do not offer trial classes.

If you ned any other clarifications please feel free to ask below-


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