One of the most creative Fashion photographers, Munish, with an experience of over two decades in India and abroad, offers Pre Wedding Shoots/couple portfolios, to facilitate young couples about to get married, have memories of togetherness.

Meticulously planned out, the pre-wedding shoot includes a wide range of selection from unlimited photographs shot with a high resolution professional Digital camera both in the fully equipped studio as well as outdoors or as mutually discussed. Instead of going for a typical pre-wedding shoot or a portfolio you may involve your hobbies or places frequented by both of you so that the images reflect more of your own personality. All this can be mutually discussed and planned out beforehand. sometimes due to practical reasons, this may not always be possible but one can get as close as possible.  In other words, its done the way you would like to rather than simply doing it the way the photographer wants it.  A number of stunning looks may be provided by well-renowned make-up and Hairstylist who gives the right effects as per the frame and bone structure, in case you opt to go for it. An exclusive webpage with password is provided on the internet for you to share at no extra cost. You may go for such portfolios anytime, before or after your wedding.


Portfolio For couples Features
No. of looks Up to 2 or 3 is good enough but this can be discussed. You can go for more looks but around 2 is fine.
Timeframe Few hours - half to one day- as discussed   
Suggested for  Pre / Post wedding shoot, couples portfolio together, Anniversaries....maternity.....  
No. of photos shot Unlimited Number of photographs are shot to get the best out of you.
Posing guidance yes This lets you pose together better.

Base Price Photography OR Video only

BOTH Photography and Video

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 60,000

Add makeup & Hairstyling Rs. 5000/- For women only. Very Basic for Men if required
Add wardrobe + Styling Rs. 20000/- (Exact price as per specifications) You have the option of using your own outfits.
No. of final retouched Photographs 20-30  
Add more photographs @ Rs. 2000/- for every additional 20 photos Its fine to add more photographs to your own collection, but its also good to have just the best ones.
Location Both or just indoors and outdoors  
Location outside Delhi e.g Taj mahal, Agra Add Rs. 15,000 / As per actuals This covers the travel costs to the destination. one day trip. Does not include permissions and location fees if any. check out exact prices beforehand if an overnight stay is required.
Add more looks @ Rs. 2000/- per look You can go for more looks but around 2 is just fine.
Add Show reel -video portfolio @ Rs. 20,000/- A short film which may include interviews as well.
Get all Unretouched photographs - jpegs @ Rs.10,000/- Not recommended.
Coffee table BOOKS / Portfolios

15 sheets 11"x16" heavy matt @ 6000

25 sheets 11"x16" heavy matt @ 8000
35 sheets 11"x16" heavy matt @ 10000
45 sheets 11"x16" heavy matt @ 12000 
55 sheets 11"x16" heavy matt @ 14000
60 sheets 11"x16" heavy matt @ 16000

Your own website by your own name @ Rs. 6000/- for one year. " name" is already included If available. For one year. you can directly renew later on
selection of photos optional Its best to let us select the Photos.

Book your appointment with your credit card / online Banking and pay the Balance amount on the Date of the shoot. Kindly confirm the availability before making a date specific booking. You may also make the complete payment beforehand.


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How do I start off ? Its simple, first of all fix up an appointment to meet so that everything can be explained and discussed in length. Also, I do not use standard formulas to shoot every one alike. Only after seeing you, i can evaluate the best looks for you. Meeting beforehand also helps evaluate your potential and guide you plan your portfolio in best possible manner. You may call up at 9871020341 (or whats app) anytime to fix an appointment. If you are not based in Delhi, send in your photos or fix a skype chat.

What are the payment terms ? You need to pay 50% in advance to confirm the date. Rest of the fees is to be paid on the day of the shoot. You may make the advance payment online or issue a cheque in favour of " Munish Khanna ". You may drop the cheque for the portfolio at the Studio or at any of the ICICI bank drop boxes / branches.

How long will my photo session take? A complete portfolio generally takes up the whole day. Time for hair and makeup done at the studio is included in the photo session. It is a good idea to start as early as possible, say around 8 am or 9am. The make up may take about an hour or so. the actual shot thus starts around 10 or 11am. Starting early helps to wind up in time and also take into account any delays due to unforeseen factors.

How early should I book ? Earlier, the better. This helps you also plan everything smoothly. However, if available I can schedule the shoot at a short notice as well.


We only want a few photographs. Can i pay less and get lesser photographs? You are not paying for the number of photographs or looks. In fact you are paying for the photographer's skill and experience to bring out and show your very best in your portfolio. The  Art and effort involved is almost the same even if the number of looks or photographs is less. However, to make things a little economical for you some special prices have been worked out for a mini portfolio and also for an extended one.

Do you guide us during the shoot ? yes of course. Complete guidance will be provided during the shoot and all assistance will be given for posing and expressions. As the shoot goes on you are shown your pictures on a camera or a large screen, and suggestions given how best to improve the shots.

Are my photographs retouched on the computer? Once the final pictures are selected, these will be retouched and finished to look the best. There are no additional charge for this. Usually it is done to the extent that the photographs look natural and do not look too artificial. However, you have both the options. You also have the option to add more photographs to your collection.

How many number of pictures will you be shooting ? The whole shoot is now a days done on high end digital cameras. This helps in shooting unlimited pictures without bothering about added expenditure of film and processing. You do not have to worry about the number of frames or number of rolls used anymore. Just concentrate on your looks.

Do I have to bring my own clothes? If you have a good collection, do bring it. I do have a complete wardrobe (women only)  but it is always better to have more options open. However, you will have to bring your own  jeans, shorts, shoes, sandals or any other stuff which requires a specific fitting / size not available here.  All this can be discussed beforehand and in certain cases, you may not need to bring along anything.

Can we choose the outfits ? It depends on the stylist, sometimes Yes, you can choose but at times the outfits are available only for a limited period, so you get to see them only at the time of the shoot. Since we have our own collection of women's wear, you can certainly check out that but not the men's collection at the moment.

Do we get to select my photographs ? yes, Since there are a lot of photographs i generally shortlist the photographs and among this set you can further choose the best ones you like. this makes your work much easier. At the end of the shoot as well as during the shoot, we’ll look at your photos on a computer screen and talk about which images / looks /expressions work best.

How many pictures will I finally get ? As many as you want. But it is always good to have only the best pictures in the portfolio which are very strong in every aspect and do not show any flaws at all. The images should show the model in his/her best. The presentation CD or website could have more images but the prints should be restricted to about 10. It's all a team work. any picture where the model or the make up artist or the photographer are not up to the mark does not make to the final selection.

we are not really slim, Is it possible to achieve that in Photoshop ? It is possible to do so in photoshop to some extend, however, its better not to manipulate the photographs in a manner which does not portray the real you. Small tweaking can be done but do not expect a drastic change. 

We are not really slim and fit. Can we still go for it ?  You are doing it for yourself, so anyways is fine.

What are the different looks that are included ? Its not always necessary to do every different look. We can discuss and plan, what looks go best with your personality and how you would like to be photographed. some of the options are - Western casuals- jeans / shorts /tops etc , western formals / evening gown or a dress, Indian traditional - saree or a lehanga, closeups and beauty shots, Executive / Business look. Based on your fitness you may also go for Lingerie / Bikini. 

We would like to have an intimate and bold Photo session, is that possible ? Yes, you can certainly go for an intimate photo session to better express the chemistry between the two of you. You can discuss everything beforehand so that the shoot and the outfits are planned accordingly. All Couple Boudoir photographs are shot artistically.

 Can we have our own website ? Its optional. You anyways get a page on my website " " and you can choose to have a password.

Unlimited pictures. # Complete guidance for posing & expressions. # Check out images as the shoot goes on. # All selected shots on DVD.

# Best make up and hairstylists. # Models own webpage on the net. # Guidelines for successful career.


          Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna

Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna

Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khannawedding photography Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna Pre Wedding Shoots By Munish Khanna Wedding photographyWedding photographyWedding photography