Munish Khanna's Online Photography course - FAQs

Some of the most frequently asked questions answered here.

What is this course all about ?

I am a beginner, will this course help me learn photography and handle a DSLR

~ we assume that you do not know anything about photography and start from the very basic level. You will learn the basic camera handling as well in this online photography course as you progress to more advance levels.

I already know about Photography. Will this course still be useful ?

~ besides the very basics of photography, you will also be learning more advanced techniques of photography with more and more content, added periodically. You can skip the basics and move on directly to the advance level of photography 

Is it a video course?

It's a hybrid course taking advantage of different means of teaching. While it has videos, it has presentations and slides as well. You get the information not just by seeing and listening but by reading as well. In different situations you can take advantage of different platforms.

What are the contents of this course?

This is a complete course in photography and covers most of the topics required to learn and develop your photography. The course covers all the topics you need to cover to learn photography. check detailed course content. Check Preview.

How can I preview this course?

click to preview the course. The online photography course covers both videos as well as presentations with diagrams and text.

How to choose the right online photography course?

There are a lot of online photography courses available on the net. You may consider some of these factors. Check the profile of the mentor. what is the course duration. What are the contents. what platforms is the course available on. is it a one time fees or there are recurring costs involved. Is it really a complete course or one will have to go for more smaller courses to learn photography. 

Who is the mentor?

Munish Khanna is the mentor for this online photography course. You can check out more about him.  You can browse through his photography and films. he has been covering different genres of photography over the last several years.

What if I am unable to understand from this course?

That is not likely to happen. There are different mediums of teaching included in this course. You can read the content along with diagrams and photographs. You can run through Video tutorials as well.

Why not just Videos?

because when you learn, it's always best to use the medium which is perfect for a particular topic. More ever, on the move you may be more comfortable with reading rather than watching. You can quickly jump to a particular topic as you follow the text. However, the course covers all the topics both in the video as well as presentation form and you pick the one you prefer. 

Is the course downloadable ?

No, you cannot download the course but you do have unlimited access anytime.

Do I need a Computer for this course?

You can access this online photography course through a computer, laptop or a mobile. mac or window, android or apple.

Will I be able to edit my photographs after this course?

yes, you will be able to manage basic editing after this course. Editing requires a lot of practice as well. Since this is a photography course, more emphasis is on the shooting part and the fact that if you shoot correctly, you do not need to spend too much time on editing. so the simple answer is that for the purpose of photography you will be able to edit your photographs as well.

Which genres of photography are covered?

the course in concentrated towards building a strong foundation of photography for you. If you know the skills and art fo photography well, you will be able to confidently handle any genre of photography

What is the duration of the course?

You get the access for ever. This ensure that as we add more and more stuff, you continue to benefit from this online photography course.

How do I get access to the course?

It's simple. Pay for the course. Register on this website. you will with a matter of time get complete access to all the course content forever.

How do I pay for the online photography course?

~ You can pay through the secured payment gateway of Paypal in any currency and through any credit card or online transfer.

can I pay in Cash ?

yes, you can pay in cash by depositing the fees in any of the ICICI banks across India in favour of 

Munish Khanna, ICICI Bank S a/c no. 002901022429 

I need more information can I speak to someone ?

Yes, you can reach us through phone or whats app at 9871020341. You may also contact through email 

can one learn photography through an online course?

yes ofcourse you can learn photography online as the technology has advanced a lot and this helps us include videos and webinars as part of the course. You can also get into a video call with us if you face any problem while trying to understand any topic.


Online Photography Course contents

Basics of Photography

About photography equipment

Handling of cameras - different brands

How to improve composition

Handling Exposure

Understanding terminology like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed

Principles of natural light explained

How to handle different lighting situations

A to Z of Studio Lighting

Lighting techniques in the Studio

How to buy Equipment.

Exploring various genres

Do's and Don't of Photography

Critical analysis of your Photographs

Artificial versus Natural lighting

All about lenses

How to develop a Portfolio

Formulas that work in Photography

Guide to pose your subjects

Developing communication skills for better Photography

Flash Photography - All you need to Know

Digital workflow

Photoshop for Photographers

Shooting on RAW and processing

Photography as a Business

Something missing ? Simply ask us and we will include that in the course!


Advantages of our Online photography course

Its a hybrid course - that means various teaching techniques and methods have been included to help you understand all concept clearly. Videos, presentations, photographs, critiques are all a part of the course and the online course is not restricted to just videos or presentations. 

Covers all genres - While making a strong foundation, the course covers various genres of photography. be it travel, fashion, advertising or journalism the course will prove to be useful for you.

The course does not expire, which means you do not have to rush with your learning. You may go through the contents faster or slower as per your learning curve. 

Periodic regular updates - The course contents are periodically updated with new tutorials added very often. 

Discussion forum - Interactions are very important for learning and you can directly interact with the mentor anytime during the course.

Meet up - sometime if you may prefer or require, you can also personally meet up or interact with the mentor if you are in Delhi

Evaluation - You can have yourself evaluated through our online tests to ensure that you are moving ahead at the right pace. It also helps in boosting your confidence.

Access across platforms - be it computer, iPad or a mobile phone, you can have access to all the content from any platform at any time. No restrictions.

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Special price of Rs. 3333/- RS. 6666/- only valid for limited period.




  at a special discounted price of 44 USD only 99 USD


paypal - INR 3333 only INR 6666