Album samples

Bleed - Border less Full page photographs with minimal design element (code -bleed 01)



PASTEL - Two solid Pastel colours in the background. Colors may depend on the event colours. (code -pastel 02)


PASTEL with MOTIFS - Two Pastel colours in the background along with motifs (code -pastel+motif 03 )

WHITE MOTIFS - few Bleeds with more photographs in blocks against white background with motifs in self. More negative space. (code -04)


Black base - combination of bleeds and photos in blocks against a Black background (code 05)

BLACK or DARK BASE with MOTIFS (code -AM 06 )

MUTED TONED IMAGE background -(code -Ak 06 )

code TA 07

S10_5220S10_5220 057-Abigail Thomas-Fairy Doll-YAGP BOS 2023

code TA 08


code PS 08


code 29

code 09