Affordable professional photography sessions 

Many people today are looking for an affordable solution to get good quality photos for social media or personal use. offering Professional photography on an hourly basis. No restriction on the number of changes and what you want to shoot. simply pay by the hour. Photography prices start at INR 10,000/- for the first hour followed by INR 10,000 for every additional hour thereafter. Makeup charges are not included. Add INR 5000 towards makeup and hair irrespective of the number of hours.

Q and A

How many hours are good enough for a shoot?

It's very relative. One hour should be good enough for a Basic profile photographs. If you are looking for a more creative shoot, add more number of hours accordingly. If you are opting for more number of outfit changes and also changes in makeup and hair, add more number of hours to cover up the planned shoot. Alternatively you may opt for a customised Portfolio package based on the number of looks / outfit changes.

How many final photographs will i get ?

Depending upon the number of hours and number of changes, you will get a good enough collection of photographs. You will agree that you would like to have only the best of the shots and not everything.

I would like to have all the photographs from the shoot ?

You can have the backup of all the non retouched photographs at an additional price of INR 2000. 

Where will the shoot take place ?

We can shoot anywhere. At your home if you want or in our studio. If there are multiple locations, take into account the travel time and it adds to the total number of hours.

Do I have to pay anything additional if the shoot is done at my place or on a location.

You will have to pay an additional INR 1000 or the actual travel cost, which ever is higher. It will be calculated from 55, Uday Park, New Delhi.

When does the Photography time start?

The Hourly slot begins from the scheduled time. If you are late for the shoot, it's your loss. The hourly slot will end at the scheduled time.

Can I extend the number of hours?

Yes you can.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes you have to pay for at least a one hour slot to book and confirm it.  

What kind of pictures are covered in the hourly package?

Any kind. You may be looking for simple portraits, Family photographs, couple shots, pre wedding photographs, Maternity shoot or Boudoir Photography. You will be paying by the hour for any non commercial shoot, which you are doing for your self.

Is the time frame inclusive of the time make up artist takes for the makeup?

The first initial makeup time is not calculated or added towards the duration of the shoot. All makeup changes which you may opt for in between contribute towards the time duration of the shoot. the time you may take to change the outfits is also added. 

When do we get the photographs ?

It takes a few days to get the final retouched photos but the exact time frame can be discussed beforehand.

Can I select the shots?

yes, you can select the shots, provided you have cleared all dues.

I am looking for a Modelling portfolio, should I opt for an Hourly package or a proper portfolio?

If you are looking for a portfolio to pursue a career in Modelling, a proper portfolio of 5 looks/ changes works out better and more economical. If you wish to add a single look or some specific looks to your existing portfolio, then you may opt for the hourly package.

Can I pay on half an hour basis ?

Yes, but only after a two hour slot.

How many dresses can I change ?

There are no restriction, you are paying on the basis of time. However, it's a better idea to spend more time on the actual shooting concentrating on the poses and expressions instead of changing too many outfits, unless you have a sufficient budget.

How are the makeup charges calculated?

These are calculated on the basis of the number of faces and not on the basis of time.

What if I get late or wish to postpone the time?

Unfortunately, the whole concept of the package is worked around the time. If you are late or wish to postpone at the last minute, it won't be possible. You may either have to extend your duration at an additional cost or manage within the time slot.

Can I do my own make up ?

yes, you can. However, it's recommended to opt for our artist as he/she is well experienced in terms of the perspective fo Photography.

Can I pay later?

Advance booking is necessary. 

What is the recommended time duration ?

If you are opting for a single change with limited variations, 1 hour is good enough. If you wish to explore more and indulge into experimentation with poses and expressions along with a change in outfits and backdrops / locations, it is highly recommended to go for a 2 hour package. 

Are there any age bars?


Can I mix different kind of shoots?

yes you can but you must give us the details before hand so that we can plan accordingly.

can I hire outfits or add the services of a stylist?

yes at an additional cost. kindly discuss the same beforehand.

Is makeup necessary for men?

No. It's optional.


Book your appointment with your credit card / online Banking and pay the Balance amount on the Date of the shoot. Kindly confirm the availability before making a date specific booking. 


or You may also make the complete payment beforehand.
through online transfer to MUNISH KHANNA  A/c No. 002901523301 -  ICICI Bank Limited, w-57, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi, India pin code 110048

The RTGS / IFSC Code is ICIC0000029. (fifth character onwards is zero)  

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