In photography, strong linear perspective is known to be achieved by using wide-angle lenses—the wider the angle of view, the better the perspective. However, perspective is not actually changed by zooming out, using a different lens, or adding wide-angle converters. Linear perspective is actually be changed by the viewpoint. Coming closer to the scene exagerates it and going away dilutes it.

The areas of the foreground that are much closer to the camera also get included in the shot, the parallel lines appear to converge more sharply. The perspective appears to have been altered because you have increased the angle coverage and are now also seeing things which are closer to the camera and were not visible earlier through the lens. We all know that what is closer appears bigger and what is far off appears to be smaller even though they are of the same size. 

As the camera is moved closer to the square motif and the Bell, the bell starts to appear bigger and you start seeing more of the inside of the bell as well.The square also starts distorting as the lower part of it appears bigger than the upper part.

The following photographs were shot at different focal lengths. To retain the same frame, the camera was moved forward, while increasing the angle of view. In other words, as the zoom lens was rotated towards the wider side, the camera was moved forward as well. In the photographs with the longer lens, the chairs appear to be sitting at the same plane, while in the photographs shot with wider angle of view the chairs closer to the camera look larger compared to the ones away. Also as you move closer, since the height of the camera remains the same, one starts seeing more of the base of the chair. Notice that with the longer lens, more of the back is vissible compared to the base. The same thing happens with the wall behind and the floor bellow the chairs.