Compare our online course with other courses. It is a generalised comparison and some of the other courses may include some of our features as well.

Features our course Most of the other courses
Duration Unlimited Restricted and specific
Content Includes Videos, Tutorials, Photographs and illustrations as per the subject. If a video works better to explain a particular subject, we have used that medium. Otherwise most suitable medium has been used. Most of the courses have either this or that medium.
  You get instant access to all the content just like when you buy a good Book. You can skip what you are not able to understand or already know and move ahead faster. And you can get back to what you left any time. Freely ask what is not clear to you. You get access to restricted content in different stages.
Author All content is written and directed by Munish himself. Not always.
Interaction Besides a private interaction option, you can discuss with a larger group as well. Mostly Restricted to a private assessment only
  Interact with other students as well. Sometimes you pickup things from others as well, so its more like being in a group, yet getting personalised attention. Generally not possible. You are isolated as you go through the course.
Photographs All photographs used as examples in the course have been shot by Munish himself. The mentor can always relate better to his own work  Many times, Examples are picked up from different sources.
Critique You can upload photographs in private or open forum to be critiqued by Munish You may need to email photos and an assessment is given generally by unknown instructors
Subject Our course includes everything possible, the objective is to make you a versatile and confident photographer able to handle any situation Mostly include very specific topics only.
Value for money Compared to what all we include in our courses, you get great value for money Most of them since they are specific to a particular topic and are highly priced, turn out to be expensive
Updates Periodically updated, revised and more topics and content constantly being added One specific content is there.
Content on demand In case we have missed out on something, you can ask for it and we shall be glad to create and include the same in the course. Mostly not possible as you have paid for a fixed content of duration.