Looking for a Modelling Portfolio? Get the best modeling portfolio made by leading Fashion Photographer, Munish Khanna, based in New Delhi. Munish has been into commercial fashion and Advertising Photography since 1993 and has been involved in shaping the careers of several aspiring models by helping them get one of the best modeling portfolios available in the Modelling industry today. A good portfolio is your first step towards your career as a model and he thoroughly guides you at every further step involved in getting closer to your dreams.

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# What is a Modelling  Portfolio?

A Modelling Portfolio is a set of Photographs shot by a Fashion Photographer who specializes in shooting a modeling portfolio as it involves understanding your potential as a model and to bring out the best in you. Highlight your plus points while taking care of your negative points. There are certain essentials involved when you are exploring modeling portfolios.  Portfolio is your first tep in the world of modeling or acting and a good one can shape up your career in modeling, be it advertising, eCommerce, Films, TV serials or Ramp. A Good modeling portfolio includes the following features - Beauty shot or a close up shot, A Full-length shot, An Editorial Image, Indian wear, Genre specific shots like Jewelry, Lingerie, or Swimwear. Western casuals and Formals. All this can be discussed and customized. All Images are shot as a combination of Indoor and outdoors to get a good mix of lighting. Presentation also matters so it should be in the form of a Book or an iPad / tab presentation.  

# How do I become a Model!

Get in touch with me if you like and relate to the modeling portfolios which are there on my website. Meet personally or chat while sharing your photographs to give an idea. If you are not ready for it as yet, I will guide you accordingly. Otherwise, we can discuss the fine details and plan things further. Everyone is different. many aspiring models have a good collection of outfits while many go for styling and wardrobe from us. we have a complete collection of the wardrobe in case you need one and it's totally optional. Once your portfolio is made, you are guided at each and every step as to how should you proceed ahead. Your Portfolio is the first step and having a good portfolio is the key to getting good work. 

# Why should I get my Portfolio made directly from you, a Fashion Photographer and not a modeling agency?

When you get your Portfolio made from me or any other good fashion photographer for that matter you get more flexibility and independence of managing your career the way you want. You need the right guidance to pursue your career as a model and do not really need anyone else to promote you. When you wish to make a House, you go to a good architect or an Interior designer and not a property dealer. An architect can help sell your house but a property dealer can't build your house.

# What are Looks in a Portfolio? How many photographs will I get?

My pricing structure goes by the number of looks you have opted for. For a modeling portfolio, five is a good number of looks but many opt for more as well to showcase their versatility. There are no restrictions on the number of photographs but do remember that irrespective of the number of photographs clicked, it's always best to show around only the best ones in your modeling portfolio.

# What are the different looks included in a Portfolio?

Depending upon your age, sex and other credentials, looks can be worked out and mutually discussed. We can discuss and plan, what looks go best with your personality and what kind of work you intend to seek. some of the options are - Western casuals- jeans/shorts /tops etc, western formals/evening gown or a dress, Indian traditional or Indo western - Saree or a lehenga, closeups and beauty shots, Executive / Business look. Based on your fitness you may also go for sportswear or Lingerie / Bikini. You have the option of bringing in your own outfits or take the benefit of the wardrobe collection that we have.

# Are the Models guided and helped with posing?

Yes certainly. It's a teamwork. I thoroughly guide all my models and help them pose and express better in front of the camera. This is one advantage of shooting digitally that you can also see how ell your performing. I generally let the models browse through the photographs which I have clicked and guide them with tips on how they can do it even better. What has gone wrong and how they can improve. So, while you may prepare your poses beforehand as well, you do not need to feel nervous or hesitant with posing at all.

# What makes a Portfolio good?

There are a lot of misconceptions involved around a modelling portfolio. I feel a portfolio should be as natural as possible and be able to correctly convey the character and personality of the person being photographed. Ofcourse my approach varies with age and gender of the subject and I try to justify the reason the person is getting photographed. So, If you have reached out to me to get your portfolio done, then trust me with how it should be. Ofcourse you can discuss and make suggestions but be assured, that I am as concerned about your success as you are. will shoot you the way it will work for you and not just in a mechanical manner. It must bring out the best of you and the same is achieved by the way you are photographed by an experienced photographer.

# How to choose the right Photographer for the modelling Portfolio

Shortlist the well known photographers who's Photographs you have liked. Talk to them or meet them. Discuss in detail, your requirements and understand what they offer. If everything works well, go ahead and shoot. Remember, while getting a modeling or acting portfolio made, the quality of the Photographer's work is way more important than any "promotion" or " guarantee of work" which anyone may assure. If your Portfolio is good, you do not really need anyone of promote you but need the right guidance.

# How important is Body language in Modelling

# Understand the Importance of facial expressions in Modelling

# Important tips for Aspiring Models

# How can you help in my preparation of beauty contests and Pageants

While preparing for a Beauty pageant or contest, be it Miss India or Miss Earth, You need to be fully prepared on all accounts. While grooming is impirtant, do not forget that your photographs are the first step and the criteria of getting selected to be considered ahead. If your photographs which you submit are not good enough, you do not stand a chance of getting into further rounds. Having shot several aspiring and established models, I have enough experience to understand what will work for you. Recently shot the complete portfolio of India's first Miss India Deaf for Siemens.

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