Makeup and Hair

Hair and makeup artists, like stylists, should be selected based on their skill and experience. A makeup/hair stylist that doesn’t understand your vision will most likely ruin the shoot.

As fashion photography requires a wide range of skills and experience (due to the varied themes and styles) you should always choose your artists based on their specialities. Some makeup and hair stylists excel at close-up and detailed work and may work best for a beauty- themed shoot, while other artists might have more experience with costume makeup so may be better for conceptual and artistic shoots.

As with styling, you as the photographer (in the absence of an art director) are responsible for overseeing the hair and makeup created for the shoot. The artists should be briefed and receive visual references well before the day of the shoot so they know what they’re aiming for as soon as they arrive on-set. It is a good idea to quickly re-brief them on the day of the shoot so that they’re clear on your specific interpretations for the shoot.


Remember that the entire shoot needs to run to a specific time frame. Always give your makeup/ hair stylists a feasible deadline to work to. Expect to be waiting a little longer for more detailed/heavier makeup or hair work, but make sure they’re aware of a time when you expect to start shooting. If you’re working on a number of looks then agree on a set amount of time for each change.

Touch-ups will be required all through the day and your makeup/hair stylist should be on hand at all times to fix makeup and touch up hair styles.