Exploring Angle of View


There is never just a single great composition for a particular subject. Whatever you are photographing, there are always alternative viewpoints and perspectives you can try. Learn not to be afraid to keep shooting. Back in the days of film, there was a cost consideration for being trigger-happy. In the digital era, each shot can be taken for free—you can choose which frames you want to keep later.

When you visit a new place, take as many pictures as possible, regularly review what you have just taken, and learn from what you see to maximize your chances of a good shot. Resist the temptation to stand in the same place—you need to hunt for different viewpoints and camera angles. By varying your distance from the subject and by changing lens settings, you can alter perspective and crop into different details. You must also learn to circumnavigate a subject when possible. This not only lets you see the subject from different sides, but also changes the lighting angle to reveal different elements in the scene—such as shape instead of tone. The photographs of La Ciutat in Valencia, Spain, on these and the following pages were taken using this approach.