candid camera

Very strange ! three women and no gossip.Very strange ! three women and no gossip.

although most portraits are taken with the knowledge and agreement of the subject, there
are occasions when surprise pays. The unseen camera can capture expressions a posed picture cannot.

The truth is that, whether consciously or
not, people’s behavior is influenced by the presence of a camera. Some ham it up, giving a performance that, although entertaining, is not true to life. Others turn shy and introverted in front of the lens—and no amount of coaxing will make them appear natural. People become conditioned to act in a certain way when photographed, whether it be to smile or frown. The candid approach allows you to catch people as they really are.

Candid photography does not necessarily mean being furtive. It is usually enough to act quickly so as not to draw attention to yourself—and to use a long lens so as to keep well away from your subject. As a general rule, a telephoto lens with an effective focal length of 200 mm to 300 mm is more than sufficient—particularly if you are shooting in a busy street or a crowded room. At these distances, flash is not an option, so to avoid camera shake you will need a shutter speed of at least 1/250 sec. Accurate focusing is critical in all but the brightest of lights, since the resulting aperture will limit depth of field. This approach allows you to capture naturalistic close-ups of people going about their daily business, without invading their personal space. Nevertheless, some people may not want to be photographed, and you should respect their wishes. You may need your model’s consent to publish your pictures.