Once you go through the process of shortlisting your wedding photographers and further book the team of wedding photographers who fit your aesthetic requirements and budget, its important to brief them as well to get the best out of their talent. While it's not important to involve them in every aspect your wedding planning, it's crucial to let them be aware of all your plans. What all is being included in the wedding and the flow of events which have been planned must be shared with the team of wedding photographers and cinematographers.

Exclude them from any surprises !

While surprises are great for your guests and even for the family or the couple themselves, do not count your wedding photographers into this. Not that the wedding photographers are not well equipped or talented enough to take a surprise into stride and handle it well, it certainly helps and makes things more convenient for the team to be well prepared for any activity which is unexpected and not a norm as such. It leads to better planning and better coverage.

Do not Assume and discuss everything clearly with the team.

If you are particular about any specific thing to be covered thoroughly do mention that. Many times you are expecting a lot of events or activities to be covered which are happening simultaneously. If that is the case, you must increase the number of wedding photographers to cover your marriage. Your Budget also plays a role here. We work out our wedding photography packages and prices based on the crew size. More the number of photographers and cinematographers, more is the coverage that can be expected.

Discuss what is important for you !

Again, different people give different importance to different elements of a wedding. For some decoration is very important while for others food is very important. while some people are not concerned if the food is specifically covered where as many people like to have a complete coverage of the musicians playing the live band at the wedding. We definitely cover the musicians but we may not devote one complete camera to record everything non stop. On the other hand we would record the voice or the sound of the music on a good quality professional recorder and use that as your background music for the wedding - reception video as the case may be. You can discuss all such details and plan your overall budget accordingly.

What type are you ? You like to pose and go overboard with your pictures? You like to keep it very subtle and very conventional. It's important to discuss all these aspects of the photography styles with your team. One needs to create good work and efforts are involved not just of the photographers or videographers but yours as well. Unless you are involved and take interest in getting some nice photographs, it's not practically possible to match some of the references which you may have shared. Couples, often share some reference and expect the same without contributing towards it. Not that we suggest that one should copy someone else's photographs but these, which may often be our own previous photographs work as a good clue to understand the taste and style of the couple. 

Count them as your friends !

They are there with you like a shadow all along your wedding day as well as the ceremonies before and after your big day. Once the wedding is over, it's the memories of the wedding which will stay forever. The team can help you and guide you if you need any assistance. It's your first wedding but they have seen and very closely seen countless weddings. They can always contribute to make it better. 

Communicate in writing

All professional photographers will do so. Its important to put it all in words to avoid any kind of miscommunication at a later stage. Like this the specifications are very clear and there is no scope of any misunderstanding or error. 

Do not leave things for the last minute.

If suddenly just at the last moment you expect a photographer to be added, it may  not always be possible. Discuss and finalise things at a much earlier stage. As the date of your wedding approaches closer, not only you but your team of wedding photographers will also get busy as they would be shooting other weddings as well during the wedding season.

The team should know who are the key people in your family. Ofcourse you will have to tell them. with experience one can make out who is who but you would not like to take any chances, just in case they are missed out for some reason. 

Assign someone to coordinate !

It's a good idea to assign someone from your family or one of the cousins or friends to coordinate with the team of wedding photographers. Since you will be busy yourself, the photographers can discuss things if required with the person assigned by you. This person can work as a good link between the photographers and your guests as he or she would know better about the family and their expectations.

Candid versus Conventional wedding Photography

Understand the difference between candid and traditional or conventional photography. Discuss what style do you relate to more. Do not prefer one style over the other simply because it is one of the wedding trends but follow it more as you like one over the other.

Photographed for a pre-wedding shoot the couple has good chemistry between the two and have ventured out to shoot with different props and backdrops.

Only if you discuss your plans in detail, some good shots can be worked out. These are some very spontaneous and natural candid moments of the couple as they prepare for their walimah, the muslim wedding reception