Commercial Assignments by MUNISH KHANNA

The Fees for the Photography and the related services is mentioned bellow based on the time frame involved. However, it's more about the talent and the skills involved rather than the time frame. From Project to Project, the exact fees may be worked out sometimes on the basis of the assignment rather than the duration. 

Photography Rs. 25,000 - Rs.60,000/-  This may vary based on the exact requirement and the skills involved.
Taxes Add tax @ 18 % GST
Makeup /Hair Rs.7000 / Rs. 15,000 This is outsourced. prices may vary based on the project. It also depends on the number of faces / changes and the talent hired.
Styling Rs. 15,000/- onwards
Studio /outdoors No additional charges Nominal charges apply sometimes.
Equipment No additional charges No Hiring costs involved.
Location As per actuals You pay directly, so you save.
Outstation Rs. 55000/- per day. Depending upon the situation and the traveling time involved, additional charges may be applied. Suitable Travel + stay to be arranged by the client.  
Expenses All expenses during the shoot are to be borne and to be directly paid by the client. An estimate of the expected expenses involved may be discussed beforehand.  -

Average price ranges from 10,000/- to 20,000/- onwards

These are sourced from Modelling agencies and the client can directly source them as well.
Wardrobe  Depends on the requirement. We have a collection of women's outfits which is available at a nominal price.
Props Depends on the requirement. Any required props can be outsourced as per actuals.
Retouching No additional charges up to 30 images. @ Rs. 100/- per additional image beyond that. -
Manipulation Depends on the requirement. -


What are the payment terms ? You need to pay 50% in advance to confirm the date. Rest of the fees is to be paid on the day of the shoot. You may make the advance payment online or issue a cheque in favor of " Munish Khanna ". You may drop the cheque for the shoot at the Studio or at any of the ICICI bank drop boxes / branches.

MUNISH KHANNA  A/c No. 002901022429 ICICI Bank Limited, w-57, greater kailash-1, New Delhi, India pin code 110048

The RTGS / IFSC Code is ICIC0000029. (fifth character onwards is zero)  For foreign transfers get the ICICI bank swift codes here

Munish Khanna, 55, uday park, New Delhi-110049, India or pay by credit card


How do I start off ? Its simple, first of all fix up an appointment to meet so that everything can be explained and discussed in length. Also, I do not use standard formulas to shoot every one and everything alike. Meeting beforehand also helps evaluate and guide you to plan your shoot in the best possible manner. You may call up at 9871020341 (or whats app) anytime to fix an appointment. If you are not based in Delhi, send in your photos or fix a skype chat.

How long will the session take place ? A complete portfolio generally takes up the whole day. Time for hair and makeup done at the studio is included in the photo session. It is a good idea to start as early as possible, say around 8 am or 9am. The make up may take about an hour or so. the actual shot thus starts around 10 or 11am. Starting early helps to wind up in time and also take into account any delays due to unforeseen factors.

What if it takes longer than the expected time ? Its best to mention the right number of products / garments / looks before hand so that the estimated time involved is worked out accordingly. The pace of the shoot is managed accordingly.

What if the shoot starts late ? There are no delays from our end. Its best to schedule the starting time when you can actually start. If all the talent is available to begin the shoot as scheduled, its the loss of the client. We do try to compensate for that as much as possible but sometimes, its not in control. The scheduled time is considered as the start off time.

How early should I book ? Earlier, the better. This helps you also plan everything smoothly. However, if available I can schedule the shoot at a short notice as well.

What are the Cancellation terms ? If cancelled 15 days before the date of the shoot 90% of the total fees will be refunded back immediately. No refund within15 days of the shoot. If postponed 7 days before the date of the shoot, no additional charges. If postponed within 7 days 10% of the total fees will be charged extra.

Can I see the results as the shoot progresses ? yes, you can. In fact you can always make suggestions and advice, if things are not proceeding the way you had planned, as at this stage everything can be adjusted. However, once the shoot is completed, it may not be possible to make any changes. Also, depending on the situation you may choose to see the images on the camera screen itself rather than seeing them on the computer. Shooting tethered ( connected to the camera) sometimes does slow down the shooting pace and versatility.

Can you provide the models ? yes, we can provide models only if 50% of the estimated cost has already been paid in advance. Also, in such cases we may or may not add a nominal 10% to the models actual fees.

What if do not like any of the models ? In that case, you can book a model directly as well from any of the modelling agencies. Please note that all photographers provide models through modelling agencies only and that's the best way to go about it.

How do we select the models ? Through photographs and details of the vital statistics. The models, if needed can come for the outfit trial, audition session.

Many people decide the Photographer based on the models he provides Decide the photographer based on his talent. The models are common for all the photographers and are never restricted to a particular photographer and everyone hires them from a common pool.

How many shots are done during a day ? This is worked out beforehand and is based on your requirement. Some situations require more time to set up and prepare while others are faster. All this can be discussed earlier so that everything is planned accordingly.

Are the charges different for e-commerce shoots ? You are paying for the time involved. You may eventually use the images for any purpose. So the same charges apply. When you are going for a relatively simple shoot, you will get a number of outfits covered.

How many garments can be shot for a catalogue shoot? This depends on the outfits as well as the model. Also it depends upon how stylised you want your looks to be. If you want to have the makeup/hairstyle, changed more often, the number of changes naturally will go down. Hiring two different models helps.

Is is better to hire two or more models? Yes, only if everything is well planned and there is a time gap between the changes. As one model changes, the other can be photographed during that time. Or if makeup changes 

I am looking for a specific backdrop...location... Kindly discuss all these details before hand. Although a lot of stuff is available, i may not have the exact prop or backdrop you may be looking for. In such situations, the same may be outsourced at an additional price.

Will I get all the images ? Yes, if you need as a backup. otherwise, you may opt to go for just the selected ones which are right for your campaign or project.

Are there any discounts ? To keep transparency, the prices have been mentioned here itself. Since the prices are very reasonable and affordable, no further discounts are possible. However, at my discretion, if possible I may certainly compensate in some way.

Do you also shoot on the per product basis ? Yes, but there must be a minimum number of products to be shot per day. Effectively, it's the same as shooting on the per day basis. 

What equipment is used ? I have a wide range of equipment and an appropriate equipment is used as required by a particular job.More detail is available here.

Book your appointment with your credit card / online Banking and pay the Balance amount on the Date of the shoot. Kindly confirm the availability before making a date specific booking. You may also make the complete payment beforehand.



Modelling Portfolios - you are wanting to become a Model, Your search ends here.


Are my photographs retouched on the computer? Once the final pictures are selected, these will be retouched and finished to look the best. There are no additional charge for this. Usually it is done to the extent that the photographs look natural and do not look too artificial. However, you have both the options. You also have the option to add more photographs to your collection.

Want to be a Model ?Want to be a model ? Check out how you can be one. get your portfolio shot by one of the best fashion photographers based in Delhi.

How many number of pictures will you be shooting? The whole shoot is nowadays done on high-end digital cameras. This helps in shooting unlimited pictures without bothering about added expenditure of film and processing. You do not have to worry about the number of frames or number of rolls used anymore. Just concentrate on your looks.

Do I get to select the photographs? yes, Since there are a lot of photographs i generally shortlist the photographs and among this set you can further choose the best ones you like. this makes your work much easier. At the end of the shoot as well as during the shoot, we’ll look at your photos on a computer screen and talk about which images / looks /expressions work best.

How many pictures will I finally get ? As many as you want. But it is always good to have only the best pictures in the portfolio which are very strong in every aspect and do not show any flaws at all. The images should show the model in his/her best. The presentation CD or website could have more images but the prints should be restricted to about 10. It's all a team work. any picture where the model or the make up artist or the photographer are not up to the mark does not make to the final selection.

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Rs. 18,000 up to 4 Hrs / Rs. 35,000 up to 6 hrs /  Rs. 45,000 up to 8-10 hrs