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We as Wedding photographers have been covering destination weddings all over. As you plan your destination wedding, besides other areas you have a lot of questions related to destination wedding photography. We have tried to sum up a few and if you have any specific question please feel free to contact us.

Do you have enough experience to cover destination weddings ?

Well, we do have experience in covering destination weddings. Most importantly, it's the experience in shooting weddings, that matters the most. we are well connected, well experienced and self sufficient to cover up any kind and scale of wedding anywhere in the world. Interestingly, many of our weddings which solemnised in Delhi, where we are based happened to be destination weddings for both the bride and the groom along with their families, settled abroad.

What are the Destination wedding photography charges?

Do check out the wedding photography packages. We do not charge extra for covering weddings anywhere else in India or abroad. However, unlike in Delhi NCR, all days are charged the same as the wedding day charges. Because the whole team is available with you all through out, this is unavoidable. Our own expenses are higher as well. 

What other costs are involved?

keep in mind that for destination wedding photography, you need to bear the boarding lodging and travel costs for all the crew members. Take this cost into consideration as well.

Who should book the flights / make travel arrangements ?

Once you hire us for covering your destination weddings, we will discuss the whole plan with you and based on that make the travel arrangements. To ensure that all names and other details are correct, we would like to make all bookings directly as per details already discussed. This also ensures that everything is done on time and keeps one task off your busy schedule. You are required to deposit an estimated cost towards travel arrangements which is adjusted as per actuals.

How many people travel?

This depends on several factors involved, like the number of guests, size of the venue, scale of the ceremonies etc. Do keep in mind that there is one assistant for every photographer - cinematographer that is hired. Some times, to cut the cost, we may have a common assistant for two photographers, though this is not recommended. Sometimes, we have an assistant, talented enough to cover up few additional photographs but it entirely depends on the available circumstances at the destination.

isn't it better to book local wedding photographers at the destination it self? 

There is a lot more than just shooting the images. Proper planning and discussions are required before the wedding as well as later. We do discuss and understand what is there in your mind and what is your perspective of good wedding photography. The photographers need to be constantly involved with you at every stage during the wedding as well. A language barrier sometimes in a different state or country may prove to be quite a problem for you in communication. When the photography team is located in the same city or country, its easier to share and get the best out of the videos at the editing stage. Many a times, we have heard clients end up not getting the final images after the shoot especially when they are not located in the same city.

On the other hand, we ourselves as shot for several couples who have not been based in Delhi and for them it's a destination wedding. Professionalism and ethics play a key role here. With technology in place today, distances have drastically reduced and it's possible today to share and discuss ideas through skype or whats app video calls. We can permanently store endless high resolution images on our website itself and sharing the final images can be easily achieved. We discuss all options when taking up such assignments.

What equipment do you use?

We utilise optimum available equipment in the market. We may not always use the latest camera which has just been launched as new does not always mean better. We go for tried and tested technology which serves the purpose of wedding photography in the best possible manner. However, our equipment is updated very often keeping pace with the changing trends and technology. Do remember, good equipment is nothing without a good eye behind it.

Does it include candid wedding Photography?

yes, candid wedding photography is always included and is very much our style of photography. As you hire us to cover your prestigious moments and memories, we discuss your preferences and plan the style of photography accordingly. based on the number of photographers hired, more can be assigned to candid or traditional styles.

Does it include cinematic videos?

All our wedding photography packages include Cinematic videos and based on the scale of the ceremonies and your budget, the number of cameras can be planned accordingly. more number of cameras besides covering different areas, help getting the same scene from different angles which lead to good viewing experience.

Why do I need more number of Photographers and Cinematographers for the wedding ?

Just as for any other wedding in Delhi, destination weddings too require more number of photographers to cover the even in different styles and to actually capture different stories going on simultaneously at the same time. The same photographer can't possibly be present to cover the Bride preparing for her wedding at the same time as the Groom is getting ready. In the meanwhile, as the guests start pouring in, there is someone required to cover the beautifully decorated venue as well as the guests. If you have planned Interviews, then ofcourse more number is required for sure.

For a destination wedding, can't we have more number of photographers for the main wedding and not during the other ceremonies.

It should ideally be the same number. Your number of guests are same as well. The very idea of a destination wedding is lost if you plan to focus just on the wedding day. certainly wedding is more important than other ceremonies but during a destination wedding capturing the whole essence and the stories in between the actual events is all the more important and make for some of the most memorable shots. We would not recommend reducing the size of the crew.

How to decide on the right wedding photographer ?

Many factors play a role but the most important is the quality of photographs that they shoot and the quality of cinematic films that they create. creativity is a very relative term and if their taste and style matches that of yours, they are the right set of creative minds to work on your wedding to put together some fine moments for you to cherish, rest of your lives in the years to come.

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