Candid Wedding Photography 

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Candid wedding photography Candid wedding photography

We at TWR are seasoned wedding photographers who know the fine art of candid wedding photography very well. We are known for capturing the real essence of the moments in the most candid and natural manner, the way these unfold during a wedding ceremony, be it in Delhi or any other Destination around the world. No artificial made ups, but just the way it is. Most of our wedding photographers come from the creative line of street and documentary photography and shooting in a candid style comes very naturally to them. Wedding photography requires the skill to strike the right balance between technicality and creativity and our wedding photographers know it very well. There are moments, when one can play around with lighting while there is time when it's just important to freeze the action. We use best of the Photography equipment which enables us to shoot even in low light, helping us not only catch the candid moment but the ambient light as well which is there to set the mood.

If you browse through our work, you will notice that in our wedding photography, we give a lot of importance to the candid moments of the family and the guests as well besides the wedding couple. For us as wedding photographers, it's an overall combination of everything that makes a big fat indian wedding what it is.

Good Candid wedding photography depends a lot on the creative instinct of a talented wedding photographer who is as passionate and excited about the wedding as you are. It's very important for the wedding photographer to be closely involved in all the ceremonies and be there to catch the action between the key moments which are more spontaneous and natural as compared to the ones when you are actually posing for the camera and anyways expecting to be photographed. It's very important to catch the right moment which adds to your memories rather than shooting images just for the sake of it. this is the fine art of wedding photography, our creative photographers have excelled in over the years of shooting. Our photographers are always excited and look forward to capture such candid moments.

Though we have dedicated photographers for candid wedding photography, it does not mean that the ones who are taking care of group and stage shots are any less talented. They often exchange roles. A photographer, if he has a good creative eye does not miss a chance when he notices you as a couple exchange a look or share a smile. As we meet you before the wedding, we try to understand your perspective of candid wedding photography as well so as to give you the results closest to what you expect. Some clients show us references and it's fine as an inspiration, long as it's not expected shoot exactly the same way. Every one is different. No two pictures can be same and they don't have to be. You are a different couple in a different environment with a different set of photographers. We strive to give you the very best of wedding photography, both technically as well as aesthetically.

 We at TWR understand and believe that candid moments are timeless. These should always be captured with the heart and soul and the personal touch of a creative photographer,  just the way we do it. the warmth in the photographs continues to shows in our style of wedding photography.

Candid wedding photography
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Candid wedding photography
Candid wedding photography


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