THROUGH THE LENS - Photography workshop by Munish Khanna dedicated to lenses

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Workshop will cover the following:

What will you achieve through this workshop?
Once you understand your lenses better, weather you are using a compact or a DSLR camera, you are an absolute beginner or an advanced amateur, it will reflect in the way you compose and look at your subjects. An expensive camera or lens does not take a great picture by itself but your using it right does. An extension of your eye, Lens is the eye of the camera which lets you see the world the way you want to see it. And thats the difference between a snapshot and a perfect picture, which includes only what you want to and none that you don’t. This workshop explains all those technical terms in the most easy to understand manner. After all, you want to be a better photographer and not optical engineers!  

Characteristics, role and application of various lenses ( Wide, Normal, Telephoto, Macro, Fish eye, Macro, Tilt and shift , Lens baby, Extension tubes, Bellows and Tele convertors)
Perspective and Distortion - Change of the look by using different lenses and using the lens characteristics to your advantage
Depth of field - Role of lenses in achieving that shallow or extensive depth of field.
Comparison between different lenses - When to use and not to use which lens? Zoom or Prime? Is an expensive lens a better lens? f1.4 vs f2.8 vs f4 - which one is right for you? expensive camera or expensive lens?
The right lenses for various genres of photography - Fashion, macro, architectural etc.
Filters: Polarizing, Neutral, Graduated, UV and others- simple economical ways of shooting better.
Lens terminology and aberrations - Technical terms explained in most easy to understand manner, in context to photography and not physics.
Basics of Photography- a quick sum up for those who know nothing.
Critique of your work - Best way to improve your photography is to know what went wrong in your pictures. Bring a selection of your photos in pen drives /cds/ hard discs for evaluation. Learn how you could have shot better.




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