The idea behind

I, as a professional photographer, have been closely associated with all these brands as a user since the last two decades and continue to use these products in all my shoots till date. Like many other beginners I too tried other brands as well because I was not aware of the pros and cons of various brands due to ignorance or at times chose the cheaper ones to save some money, just to realize some time later that I ended up spending more in fact for maintenance. Besides my own career as a photographer i have been running a photography academy since a very long time, which gave me an opportunity to closely analyze various brands in the market at all levels as my students would generally have a cross section of different brands. so their experience all added up to mine in terms of the brand usage.

One questions which i would always come accross from my students or people known to me has always been - "which camera should i buy?" "Which brand is good?"

This website started off with just this idea. While we are very successfully running photography courses, why not sell the recommended cameras as well instead to just advising the students to buy something from somewhere. Since i have been using Canon cameras myself since a very long time the obvious choice was to sell canon equipment online. (My first camera also happened to be canon AL1 way back in 1989)

As i was building up the website, and was studying other online websites as well, i realized that these websites are including quite a few products along with a camera like a tripod, card, lens cleaning kit etc. Well, people generally look at the number. So many things free ! But they do not realize that they might be too ashamed to use the free tripod with their favourite camera or it might just not be strong and steady enough to support the camera. 

These are marketing strategies and i am not a sales person. For me , its very important not to overlook the interest of the photographer who is going to use these products. Good equipment in fact is a big support system. I felt that it does not finish with a camera alone. Buying the camera, and the right one, is in fact just the start and there is much more to add to that. The card, the filter you attach to your lens, the tripod, camera bag....all these play a role in making your pictures better. And then the computer plays a very important role in the life of a photographer today. Not to forget the tools one uses today.

At if you get a tripod free with a camera it has a name to it. and you are proud to have it as much as the camera you just purchased. so i do offer free stuff along with the camera but just the right stuff. one may choose between a Manfrotto tripod or a sandisk card or a Hoya filter rather than getting just about anything which may not mean much to you.

so, I added more brands but just one best brand from different categories related to photography. If you see a brand at its got to be the best ! Click for camera -and everything a photographer needs ! The choice of brands was related to my own experience as well. I would not say that the other brands not included in the website are not good at all or you should just blindly switch over from another brand to the ones listed here. Besides my own experience and the experience of millions of users who have brought these brands to the top i have also given reasons as to why you should go for a particular product.

EQUIPMENT PLANNING- When you are about to begin your career or set up a studio, it gets quite confusing as to what to buy and what can be postponed for later. What is priority and what is not. I should be investing my hard earned money in which all products. I have made this simple. let me do the planning.

You just pay a nominal fee and get a break up of the Budget you intend to spend on your equipment. Once you make your purchase, this fees gets adjusted and in fact you do not pay anything extra at all. The planning is done based on the kind of photography you already do and the kind of business you intend to set up. There is a lot to buy, but I help you buy just the right stuff and that too at very good rates.

CLICK FOR CAMERA ADVANTAGE- once you buy anything from our website you become a part of cfc advantage and are eligible for contests, workshops and scholarships at Munish khanna academy.

ONE TO ONE LEARNING SESSIONS- A lot of people end up buying an SLR without knowing how to use it. You get exclusive 2+2 hours one to one sessions on the usage of your own camera. Just book the camera. opt to pick it up from our photography academy. open the sealed pack and learn how to use it. when the start is right the going gets even better. In the second session you can get your pictures evaluated just to ensure that you are on the right track. You also have the option to upgrade to one of the full courses.