Product photography is another most common topic to discuss on. Now a days e-Commerce is developing so fast so the need of quality product photography is also increasing. Below there will be few important tips and tricks to start your product photography as professionals. In product photography your product is the top shot.  chandrachandra

Product photography ranges the gamut from cereal boxes and billboards, to the photos you see on Amazon and every other online retailer.  Someone takes those photos, and those photos require a lot of work.  Not only is it a fun profession to do, the techniques are also something that almost everyone can benefit from and apply to their own photography, even if it’s not product photography.  From listing better photos on eBay and Craigslist to broadening your existing skill set, these techniques will help round out what you already know.


1. CLEAN YOUR PRODUCT: Before getting started with the product photography always look at your products remove all the unwanted elements from the packets . Clean your products so that no dust should be there on the product. always look for finger prints on the product when put under light they won't look good, clean them with a cloth.

2. PLACING YOUR PRODUCT: place the product you want to shoot on a plain white paper or you can also use the light tent box depending upon the size of your product.


3. PUT YOUR CAMERA ON A TRIPOD: while you are shooting a product set your camera on a tripod to avoid the camera. putting your camera on tripod will also allow you to o on smaller apertures needed for product photography.


4. GET AROUND: After setting up your camera on tripod look around your product search for the best angle to shoot. place your camera at right distance not no far off nor too close to the subject. products like anything else will not look good if you try to take a shot from too close to the subject.


5.  SET YOR APERTURE: Shoot on aperture priority mode so that you control the aperture manually. while doing a product shoot you need a smaller aperture(larger f/stops). Start shooting at f/11 and later on increase or decrease the aperture according to your requirement.  



Key Elements For Product Photography

1. BACKGROUND: A true white background is used when we do product photography when the product will be used in online stores. in some cases post processing is required to get the true white color of the background by adjusting the right level of whiteness.

2. DEPTH OF FIELD: The DOF works well when you are going to shoot products like bracelet or food. set your camera on aperture priority mode using telephoto lens and shift down to the lowest aperture (f/stops) which helps you to keep a part of your subject in focus and rest you can have out of focus. another thing that you can do is to keep full of your subject in focus and making the foreground and background blurry when you are doing a location  shot.

3.PROPS: They are the stuff that add life to your subject and may also serve as support to your product. For Example if you got Rice as your product instead of shooting the rice bags alone you can simple put a glass bowl rice in it. It will bring life to your pictures and will also look good, Or you can also put a pan around the rice bag just to bring out the feeling of home made fresh food.