Based on your level of photography skills you have two Course options to choose from. Basic, if you are a beginner and know nothing about photography and advance if you have been shooting for a while but are not confident enough. ideally, even if you know the basics, it is still best to go for the complete course as then we are sure that you know the basics right. Most of the basic course students move on to the advance course. Only if your portfolio is exceptionally good, we may take you directly for the advance course.


Basic- 25 Topics / sessions- completed within 2 months - Rs. 49,000/-

Foundation- 8 Topics / sessions- completed within 10 days - Rs. 15,000/- ( The contents include the first 8 sessions of the Basic course

More about basic photography. Makes you confident in handling you camera and most of the photographic situations.

Advance- 90 topics / sessions- completed within 6months - Rs. 85000/- 

More in-depth knowledge. Besides the natural light a lot of studio photography covering various genres of photography are included. Exclusive international tutorials and hands on practicals. Build up your own strong portfolio with professional models. Almost all topics covered practically. 

Complete course- 115 Topics / sessions - completed within 8 months - Rs. 99000/- (best option)

includes both Basic and Advance courses together. You pay less when you enroll for this course compared to joining Basic and advance courses separately.

class duration- 2 hours for one basic session. 2 to 6 hours for advance sessions.

Fashion Photography

 To join and confirm your seat, send in a registration fee of Rs. 1000/-(basic & foundation ) or Rs. 2000/- (advance) in cash / cheque /online transfer. The remaining fees needs to be paid in advance before you continue......  more


Basic course 

Advance course

Complete course- basic + Advance together

HOW DOES IT WORK- since the number of students in one group is restricted, a general time slot /number of days is worked out suitable to all. Based on that the calendar is posted online, which needs to be checked for the exact updated information regarding the schedule. the updates are usually done a few days in advance. As these are open content based sessions, just keep a track of any session which you may miss out and join in the next time that particular topic is scheduled. There is not restriction on the number of times you attend a particular class. Follow the link below and request to join the group where the calendar is posted. Also you can post your images and participate in online discussions amongst the old and new students of the academy




Content based training program - the training ends only when you are confident enough to handle everything on your own.


Vast range of topics covered- check the course contents


Lifetime support - You get full support and feed back even after you finish your training.


Limited number of students - you get more individual attention.


Updated and relevant content- since you are trained by a practicing photographer, you get the most updated information.


Flexible time slots - Option to choose between different time slots available during the day, most suitable for busy working people.


Well equipped studio infrastructure - get hands on experience with professional studio lights and other equipment.


Well designed pictorial presentations with short films - theory classes are as good as practically checking out.


Discussion forums on internet -  highly active group online where curent and ex students can ask and discuss questions on various topics. Follow the link to join the group once you have enrolled.

students own galleries on the net.


Complete guidance - from buying a camera to setting up a studio and a successful career.


Models for shoots - models are invited for practical shoots exclusively for students


Training Films - watch exclusive international training films and documentaries on photography and lighting.


Digital Darkroom - changing with the times, the wet darkroom is replaced by the dry one. the course includes the tips and tricks of photoshop.


Resume any time later in your lifetime without paying anything more if you are unable to complete the training ,for any reason or if you want to refresh your knowledge.


Most reasonable course fee  for lifetime membership


Opportunities Many of the academy members are associated with Win-initiative, a new york based stock agency. You too can earn money by selling your images to them or any other agency.


Exhibitions are held pereodicaly to showcase and sell the photographs of the students. check out

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