1-Day Practical Workshop Conducted by The Internationally Acclaimed Photographer, Munish Khanna on 2 Feb, 2014 at Uday Park

Photography Workshop by Munish Khanna presented by groupon.co.in


Photography workshop conducted by Munish Khanna that covers the following:

Reporting time- 9.45 am at 55, Uday Park

10am- Introduction - Basics of photography and camera handling

12 noon-12.50 pm Lunch break- walk down to Niti bagh park and reach by 1 pm (It's just about 2 minutes walk)

1 pm-Practical session at Park opposite Niti Bagh Club. walk down to Niti bagh park and reach by 1 pm (It's just about 2 minutes walk)

Its time to apply what you learnt in the first session. Everyone shoots under our guidance. Focus is more on Portraits, as that's what we do most of the time while traveling or at home. Get your problems solved on the spot while shooting. The objective is to shoot good photographs even without any external aids like reflectors etc although you will learn how to use them as well. Also, how your photographs can look great by following some simple formulas without being too technical.

3.50pm- walk back to uday park

4pm- 5pm- Digital Workflow - Now that you have shot the pictures, learn how to transfer them to the computer and effectively enhance them. You have the option of bringing along your laptop for better understanding. Do install your camera software if you plan to bring along your laptop.

Participants can further clear their doubts during this period. Based on the number of participants, this session may extend slightly. If time permits, Images shot by the participants may further be discussed and critiqued (though most of it would be done during the practical session itself)

Strictly No smoking, both at the studio as well as the outdoor location. Outdoors, kindly refrain from any act which may not be in the interest of the group. In such a case, we reserve the rights to ask you to leave to safeguard the interests of the others. Kindly do not deface, damage any public property including plants or flowers during the workshop. Do keep in mind not to cause any inconvenience to the general public at the venue. We shall be photographing volunteers arranged by us or from amongst the participants. Please do not take photographs of someone who requests not to be photographed.

The workshop is divided into two parts i.e. indoors in the studio and outdoors. In case of unforeseen rain or bad weather, the outdoor session may be replaced by an indoor session. The workshop will not be cancelled or postponed. You are not allowed to come directly for the second part without attending the first part. Since the purpose of the workshop is to help you understand basics of photography, the subjects will be volunteers amongst the participants or otherwise and not any professional models. As per weather forecast it is not expected to rain, however in such a case the outdoor session will be replaced by a suitable indoor presentation.

Based on the overall interest of the participants, the contents may be altered slightly for best results.

Level of workshop - Basics

Timing – 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Venue: 55, Uday Park, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi 110049

Location map call-9871331512 for directions How to reach by car /bus /metro

Parking - As anywhere else in the city there is limited parking space. Reach well before time so that you can get a good spot around the academy or at the market. Kindly do not park your vehicle in a way that it blocks someones gate.

Valid for 1 person. Please ensure that you are attending the workshop on the right date -2nd february 2014, and carrying the Voucher printout for the same date.

Bringing a camera is Mandatory but you may still gain from this workshop even if you don't own one.
You may carry your photographs (work) for analysis in pen drives / hard discs / DVDs (not in laptops)
Bring them in two folders – shortlisted work and additional work respectively; the additional work will be reviewed if time permits












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