10 Topics / sessions- completed within 10 days - Rs. 15,000/-

Registration fee- Rs.5000/- + course fee- Rs. 10000/-

(The contents include the first 8 sessions of the Basic course More about basic photography. Makes you confident in handling your camera and most of the photographic situations.

Complete course -limited version

Rs. 60,000/-

More in-depth knowledge. Besides the natural light a lot of studio photography covering various genres of photography are included. Exclusive international tutorials and hands on practicals. Build up your own strong portfolio with professional models. Almost all topics covered practically.

Complete course  extended version (best option)

115 Topics / sessions - completed within 8 months -

Rs. 1,20,000 (one lac twenty thousand only) 

includes both Basic and Advance courses together. You pay Rs.31000/- less when you enroll for this course compared to joining Basic and advance courses separately.

Registration fee- Rs. 20000/- + course fee- Rs. 100000/-

+ Practical fee* -Rs. 20,000/-(Practical fees is consumed as per actual usage towards studio/outdoor practicals with models, stylists and other external resources. consumption is based on the actual expenditure for a shoot split amongst the participating students. Rs. 20,000/- should let you do over 5 to 6 professional shoots in a group. The balance amount leftover is refunded back or carried forward in case you want to continue with more practical shoots.

class duration- 2 hours for one basic session. 2 to 6 hours for advance sessions.

One to one / customized course- Kindly send in you portfolio to be eligible. Based on case to case the fees starts from Rs. 25000/- onwards.

Extensions - You can add on more practicals to your course by adding to the Practical fees. Once you exhaust your initial Rs.20,000/- you can continue to do more shoots by adding to this amount. This amount is used as per actual

Fashion Photography

Rs. 1,40,000/-

Add multiples of Rs. 20,000/- to the complete course fees based on how deep you want to get into fashion photography.

Custom course

If you qualify (please send your portfolio to check) and do not have enough time, you may be able to do specific topics as per your requirements. The course is structured on the basis of your photography skills and level of expertise. The fees for the course is the same as for the basic course except that it is a blend of contents from basic and advance course.

Rs. 60000/-

Film direction and cinematography course

Rs. 15000/- for 16 sessions spread over 4 months on sundays


As per the workshop

To join and confirm your seat, send in a registration fee (as mentioned above) in cash / cheque /online transfer. The remaining fees needs to be paid in advance before you continue.

Installments - only for Indian nationals

You can pay the fee in instalments by paying an additional Rs. 1000/- for the Basic course and Rs. 2000/- for the advance/complete course. Add

  foundation basic advance complete
Before joining 5000 6000 5000 5000
On first day 10000 16500 40000 55000
on the 10th class - 16500 - -
within one month - 10000 15000 15000
within two months - - 15000 15000
within three months - - 15000 15000
within four months       15000

Practical fee-within five months

or before practicals begin whatever is earlier.

- - 10000 10000
- - 10000 10000

when you join, exact instalment dates and amount is worked out at that time.

PAYMENT DETAILS - for all (International as well as Indian students)

You may make the payment online or issue a cheque in favour of " MUNISH KHANNA". You may drop the cheque for Assignment fees at the Studio or in any of the ICICI bank drop boxes / branches with the following Bank details. 

MUNISH KHANNA  A/c No. 002901022429 ICICI Bank Limited, w-57, greater kailash-1, New Delhi, India pin code 110048

The RTGS / IFSC Code is ICIC0000029. (fifth character onwards is zero) 

Also fill up this form after paying the fees


Credit Card LogosAmex

International students can also pay through credit cards in their own currencies with Paypal

Pay Full fees for complete, Basic , Advance or Custom courses- only for international students

Course options

Prices in USD and INR are same except for conversion fluctuations. Kindly check the exact price details on top of this page..

or pay just the registration fees, you will need to pay the Balance fees in cash (US Dollars or Indian Rupees) after the first class

registration fees

Prices in USD and INR are same except for conversion fluctuations.

Also fill up this form after paying the fees


Join our online course now and get instant Access ! 

USD 99


EUR 88


INR 8000

or Bank Remittance in any currency in favour of Munish Khanna a/c no. 002901022429, w-57, Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi, India. Pin code 110048. The RTGS /IFSC code ICICooooo29 ( fifth character onwards is zero)

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Terms and conditions

1. Course fee- You must pay the registration fee or the course fee before you come for your first class. Registration / course fees is non refundable. Kindly check your visa status before making the payment. You may postpone the date of joining but can not cancel it once the fees is paid. In other words you may begin with the course even after several years if the current circumstances do not allow you to join the course scheduled. Once you have paid the fee in full, you are a lifetime member.

2. In case of cheque payments, you can start off with the course only after realization of the cheque

3. Practical fee- This amount is used towards the hiring of models, makeup artists or any other talent required for practical shoots. This amount is refundable in case it is not fully utilized. Also, in case you decide not to continue with the course further, this amount is fully refundable immadiately if not already consumed. The refunds are made only by cheque/online transfers but not by cash. In case you do not showup after confirming for a paid practical shoot, the particular amount is deducted from your account. You can upload more money in you account in installments of Rs.10000. There is no limit to the number of practical shoots as long as you have sufficient balance in your account.

4. The fees paid is towards the course contents and not the duration. Sometimes it may take a little longer to cover up the contents and on the other hand it may be covered a little faster.

7. You are eligible for the scholarship only after you have paid the fee is full. In case of people opting for installments, you can certainly win the monthly scholarships but you get the scholarship amount only after the full fee is settled.

8. Get 10% off the course fees if you are a CLICK FOR CAMERA customer. You anyways need a camera or a lens to begin with. Discuss the best options with Munish, go ahead and make the payment for the product and the discounted course fees. Its that simple. Valid till 19th august 2013 only.


Its simple to buy at Click for Camera, the online store of Munish Khnana Academy.
You can securely pay for any amount with nay credit card on this page.

1. Select the product you want to purchase
2. Pay the total price of the product over here.
3. the product will be safely delivered to your address within the committed time frame.
4. You also have the option of paying just the booking amount and the ordered product can be collected from our academy against the balance payment in cash.


You may make the payment online or issue a cheque in favour of " RIGHT ANGLE ". You may drop the cheque at the academy or in any of the ICICI bank drop boxes / branches with the following Bank details.

RIGHT ANGLE  A/c No. 039605500201 ICICI Bank Limited, D-16, south extension-II, New Delhi  Pin code 110049, India

The RTGS / IFSC Code is ICIC0000396. (fifth character onwards is numeric zero 0 and not alphabet o)


Pay Now with any credit card or net banking - You will be redirected to secure Payumoney payment gateway.



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