Generally when you join a photography course, you are not sure which camera to buy. we have suggested a few camera combinations which go well with the course you have opted for. Further, you also save on the overall cost compared to buying the course and the camera separately.

Complete course -full version 

Course Fees + suggested camera in order of priority MRP = Price together You Pay only And Save !

EOS 5D Mark III (Kit 24-105mm)

259950 358950 328000 30950
EOS 6D (kit 24-105) 174995 273995 257000 16995
EOS 6D (kit 24-70) 212995 311995 298000 13995
EOS 70 D with EFs 18-135 IS STM 102995 201995 193000 8995


Complete course - short version Fees- Rs. 49000 Plus

  suggested camera in order of priority Camera price Price together saving
   5D Mark III (Kit 24-105mm) 259950 308950  
  EOS 6D (kit 24-105) 174995    
  EOS 6D (kit 24-70) 212995    
  EOS 70D with EFs 18-135 IS STM 102995    


Basic Foundation course Fees -Rs. 15000 Plus

  suggested camera in order of priority mrp Price together saving
  As a long term investment if you can afford it      
  5D Mark III (Kit 24-105mm)      
  EOS 6D (kit 24-105)      
  If you would like to keep the cost and weight of the camera low      


Terms and conditions-

Full payment needs to be paid in advance.  2. If you opt for installments, full MRP of the camera kit needs to be paid in advance and the lower price will reflect in the last installment of the course. 3. You pay Rs. 2000/- extra when you opt to pay in installments. 4.The fees is non refundable. 5. All cameras, lenses and other related equipment is always brand new and comes with original warranty provided by the manufacturer and a Genuine Tax paid invoice 6. Goods once sold are not returnable 7. It is not mandatory to buy the camera from us, you may opt for just the course. However, you do save when you buy the camera along with the course.

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