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Basic version- 25 sessions- completed within 2 months - Rs. 49,000/-

More about basic photography. Makes you confident in handling you camera and most of the photographic situations. Includes about 11 presentations, 7 Practicals and 7 tutorial films. If you do not have a camera as yet, buy it within the first few sessions after discussing the options. After completing the course you may opt for the advance course to further pursue photography as a profession or a serious hobby. However, the basic course as well is self sufficient and brings in you a lot of confidence in handling your shoots.

1. basics 2.basics B 3.lenses 4.exposure 5 outdoor pract A park opp academy
6 dvd sports A 7dvd nikon B monument (humayun/qutub etc) 9 light-A 10 light-B
11 composition A 12 prac monument 13 evaluation A 14 composition B 15 pract on location
16 Flash A 17 flash B (dvd) 18 Filters 19 Chasing the light 20 evaluation/submission
21 optional Flash C practical (in case students have an external camera flash) 22 23 24 25

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If you have less time at hand consider the Foundation course instead.

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"photography workshops in delhi"